Job Overview Page

Once your job is published, you will be brought to the Job Overview page. It gathers all the useful information about the job you just created.

On this page, you will find the candidate pipeline, the Hiring Team that has access to the job and options to share it on social media. You will also find trackable job links that you can share on various platforms and job boards.

Candidate Pipeline

This panel gives you information about where your candidates are in your hiring process. Default stages of the hiring process are New, Screening, Interviewing, Rejected, Offered, Hired. You can add as many custom stages to your pipeline as you need e.g Skype screening under Screening.

View Reports

Get insight and data on where your candidates are coming from for this particular job. If you click on the Reports button in the More menu, you will be automatically redirected to the full report page for this job.

Share job

Post your job to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Just log in and write the message to send it to your social channels. Share this public link via email or any other channel e.g paid job boards that you use.

Job access

You can add as many Users and Reviewers to a job as you wish. Users will only see this job and candidates if they’ve been assigned to it. Reviewers will only see candidates at assigned stages.


Notes make it easy to collaborate with your team. Just tag your colleagues with the @ mention, and they will receive an email with your note.

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