Adding jobs to your website

Adding your jobs to your website ensure that your corporate careers page is always up to date, and that you are providing a seamless application process for your website applicants.

With HireHive it is quick and easy to add your jobs to your website. All candidates that apply through your own website will be tracked within HireHive so you can easily assess the performance of your careers page.

When accepting applications from candidates online there are two easy options:

  • A fully hosted careers site
  • Full integration with your own site.

Fully hosted careers site

A fully hosted careers site is the quickest and easiest option to get your jobs up and running on your careers site. We host the careers page so all you have to do is add your jobs to your HireHive account and link to the careers site URL’ from your website. You can fully track all views and applications on this page using the Google Analytics code.

Full integrations

For a more integrated option, you can use the Advanced (iframe) or Expert (API) options. Someone from your technical team can easily add jobs to your website using our iFrame. This will allow candidates to apply directly on your website – resulting in a seamless application process where the candidate never has to leave your site.

Within ‘Settings’, click on the ‘Job Integration’ tab. Then choose the ‘Add your jobs to your own website’ section. The second part will give you an option to email a member of your technical team with instructions on how to add jobs to your website.

Someone from your technical team can then create a stylesheet to match your company branding, upload this to the HireHive playground and copy the embed code that is created.

This embed code then needs to be copied and pasted into the page on which you would like your jobs to appear.

Once this has been added to the page all changes that you make within HireHive will automatically take effect on your website.

Check out our blog to learn more about why you need a custom careers site

WordPress Jobs Plugin

A third option that allows you to add jobs directly your site is through our WordPress Plugin. This is easy to install and you don’t need any programming experience to set it up. Find out more about the WordPress Jobs Plugin.

For example if you edit a job, the changes will appear on your job listings. Similarly if you close a job or add a new job this will also take effect on your job listing on your careers page.

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