How to post jobs on LinkedIn

Sharing your jobs on LinkedIn via HireHive is very easy and only requires a few clicks.

Sharing & Posting Jobs On LinkedIn

You have two options when sharing your jobs on LinkedIn.

Sharing as an update on your feed

The first one is free and consists of simply sharing your jobs on your LinkedIn company page or your own LinkedIn profile. If you have an important network with a good number of connections, this can be a great solution. As every time someone likes or comments on the post, it is shared with their own network. This is a great way to reach a lot of specific people. It also gives the opportunity to other people from your company to share the job posting with their own network. You could receive applications really quickly, without spending anything! 

You just need to click on the LinkedIn icon in the ‘Share Job’ section of the Job details page:

Sharing as a (paid) job

The second possibility is to publish a paid job slot on LinkedIn. When adding a job on LinkedIn, you have two options on the job creation page. After submitting all the required information, you can decide how you want to receive applicants, either by email or on an external website. The second option is the one to select, and you will be prompted to paste the link to your HireHive job:

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