Sponsor your jobs on Indeed

Do you have a hard to fill role? Want more exposure for a certain role? We partner directly with Indeed.com to offer sponsored job postings from HireHive.

Sponsor job with Indeed is available for all published jobs but may not be accessible for all account users – check with your account admin if you need access.

Once a job is published, a Sponsor on Indeed button will appear on the job details page.

If this is your first time sponsoring a job on Indeed.com you will need to set up an account. This is really quick and once your account is verified you’re ready to sponsor your jobs.

If you have an account with Indeed for sponsored jobs make sure to use the email address for this account.

You will then need to select a budget for your job. This budget will be spread out over 30 days ensuring the highest visibility with candidates.

Indeed job budget

From the 26th of July 2019, options for your job budget are:

HireHive will track all applications and show you results from your campaigns in Reports. All candidates that have applied via the sponsored posting will have a source of ‘Indeed Sponsored’.

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