Setting up interviews

HireHive allows you to easily set up interviews with candidates and any hiring team members.

It can be hard to manage schedules. With HireHive you can easily connect your calendar to HireHive showing you when people are available.

You can choose to connect your Google or Microsoft/Outlook calendar.

To set up an interview, you need to go to the candidate profile and click on the ‘Schedule Interview’ button:

A pop up just like the one below will appear.

Here you can select:

  • Type of interview: Phone, Online or Onsite
  • Attendees: Both team members and the candidate. By default, you will be an attendee of the interview as will the candidate. You can also invite external attendees (i.e. people who do not have access to HireHive) by entering their email address.
  • Time: You can select a time as well as the time zone where the interview will be taking place.
  • Candidate CV: Include the candidate’s CV/resume in the invite sent to team members. The candidate will not receive this.
  • Internal note: Share a note with team members that are attending the interview. This note will not be shown to the candidate.

Once this information has been added you can send the invite. HireHive Interview Scheduling integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar allowing all members to easily add interviews to their calendars.

The invite will be sent to all attendees and they will have the option to confirm/decline and add to their own calendar.

The attendee list will update in real-time in HireHive.

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