Managing Referral Campaigns

Having employee referral campaigns is a great way to help your company grow. Employee Referral Campaigns allow you to reach into your employee networks to reach candidates that you might not otherwise reach.

With HireHive, you can fully manage your employee referral campaigns. All referrals are fully tracked so that when your employees share a link on social media or a friend of theirs applies for a job, that can be fully traced back to them. You can then manage your rewards system around this, ensuring maximum engagement.

Setting up your referrals dashboard

The first step is to set up the Referral Portal. To do so, click on the Referrals tab, then on Settings. There, you will be prompted to enter your company email domain. Entering your company email domain will allow you to invite your employees to join your company's referrals dashboard.

Once you have set up your email domain, you will see a link that you can share with all employees via email:

If you want to add employees who don’t have an email address with the company email domain you just entered, you can add them manually in the Employees tab of the Referrals section – just click on the Add employee button:

Employee Referrals

Your employees can then click on this link to set up their employee referral account.

This will bring them to a dashboard where they will see all jobs currently open for referrals. Employees can then share these jobs on their social channels – automatically via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter or by using the referral job link.

When a candidate applies via this link, the application will show the name of the employee who originally shared the link.

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