Employee Guide to Referrals

Partaking in employee referral campaigns is a great way to help your company grow.

If your company is using HireHive for referrals you can be assured that all your referral work is fully tracked so that when you share a link on social media and a friend applies for a job that can be fully traced back to you.

Here is a step by step guide on how to help your company hire using Employee Referrals with HireHive.

Step by Step Guide

Your company may have set up employee referrals to work for all employees of the company with a company email address – if this is the case, logging into your referrals account is really easy! Just follow the link that has been sent to you from your recruitment/HR team. The first time you do this you will need to activate your email address and set up a password – any other time you log in after this you will be brought straight to the dashboard. If your company has not set this up you can be invited to the referrals dashboard by an admin (usually your Recruitment/HR team)

You referrals dashboard

Here you will see the full listing of jobs that are open for referrals as well as information on the candidates that you have previously submitted and stats on job views and applications.

For each job, you will see the option to share on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email) or you can add a friend’s details manually if you have their permission.

Sharing on social media and email:

This is really easy to do. You can select to share the job link on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or via email. When you share this link there is a unique identifier that will track all candidates that apply using your link online.

If you are using an Android device you can easily share the link via various platforms.

Adding candidate details manually:

If you have a friend’s permission you can add their details manually and submit them to your company that way. You can either "drag and drop" the person’s CV/resume or manually fill in the fields. 


  • Ribbon: You will earn this reward when your job has received views
  • Bronze: You will earn this reward when you refer 5+ candidates to your company
  • Silver: You will earn this reward when you refer 15+ candidates to your company
  • Gold: You will earn this reward when you refer 30+ candidates to your company

This information is available also to your Recruitment/HR team allowing them to track referral campaign performance.

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