HireHive Careers Page

With HireHive it’s really easy and quick to set up a company careers page that highlights your company culture and values.

Our simple online editor lets you can add images, text and videos without needing any coding knowledge.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make a great careers page why not check out our blog post on the topic: The power of a great careers site

  • Add your logo
    Simply click on the upload button and select your logo file – ensure this is in the correct format and that’s it. The best size for the logo would be 250 x 70px. 
  • Add your own background image
    You can either use one of the default background images or upload your own. If you upload your own, an image larger than 1200 x 675px would be preferred.
  • Choose a theme colour
    The theme colour will change the colour of your job listing and any buttons you add to the careers site. You can select a colour using the colour picker, entering the RGB/HEX code.
  • Add a video
    To add a video just copy and paste the URL or add the embed code.

  • Add a smaller image
    You can upload smaller images to customise your careers page. The maximum width recommended is 768px.
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