Overview Report

HireHive gives you access to a number of reports that you can customise to get the data you need for your recruitment process.

The first one is the overview report, which gives you a quick insight into activity around your jobs. 

You will see the numbers for various data points:

  • Total Views – the total number of views your job is getting
  • Total Applications – the total number of applications that have come through
  • Conversion Rate – the total number of applicants that went from viewing the job to applying
  • Interviewing – the total number of candidates that reached the ‘Interviewing’ stage
  • Offered – the total number of candidates that reached the ‘Offered’ stage
  • Hired – the total number of candidates that were ‘Hired’

This report will also show you a chart of the top sources of applications. The top five sources will be listed here with a more detailed breakdown in the Demographics Report.

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