Adding a job

Adding a job in HireHive is very easy and only takes a few minutes. It’s the first step to setting up your account, so let’s go!

Here is an overview of your dashboard. To add a job, just click on the + New Job button you can see on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

You will be brought to this page. The six steps you need to complete to create a job are listed on the left menu:

In the Job details tab, you just need to fill in the different fields with your job information. If you want to publish the job straight away (it will automatically be sent to our partner job boards) just select ‘Published’ as a ‘Publish status’. You can set it to ‘Drafted’ to continue working on it some other time.

In the Job description tab, you can either type in or copy and paste your job description.

The tab called Application form is there to allow you to add additional questions to our default application form. If you don’t need more information, you can just skip this step. 

If you are an Admin, you will have the option to add team members to collaborate on the job in the Hiring team tab. You will then be able to set up an auto-responder email in the Confirmation email tab.

When you are done, just click on either Save as Draft or Publish Job, and your job will be automatically created. 

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