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When publishing a job, HireHive creates a default application form for you. But you may require some additional information from candidates.

We see companies using custom questions for a variety of reasons, from industry-wide regulatory concerns to using them to filter out candidates that might not meet the level of experience or expertise needed thus cutting down on the glut of applications.

Many of the questions range from ‘Do you have at least X years of experience?’, ‘Do you have a work visa?’ or even Terms and Conditions.

Creating them is very easy, and you can add as many as you need. Just go to Settings, then to Application form.

Here you can create your questions: name your new form so there is no confusion over what questions it contains

You can then choose a title for your question: this will be shown to the candidates. The next step is to choose the type of question you want to ask, and you can also choose to make this question required or optional.

The important thing that you have to remember is to keep questions to a minimum if possible. When you are satisfied, press ‘Save question’ and add more questions.

You can start using your custom form when adding or editing a job. Go to ‘Questions’ – the fourth step on the Add job page and tick the question form you need.

You can also use these custom application forms to disqualify candidates. If you require a certain answer from a candidate in order for them to be deemed suitable for the role you can set up ‘auto-tagging’. This will create a tag for the candidate if the candidate answers a question in a certain way.

For example, if the question is ‘Are you eligible to work in the EU’? and the candidate answers ‘No’, you can set up a ‘Needs visa’ tag for this candidate. Tags will appear next to all questions you create.

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